Equip Programme

Equip Programme

The Equip Programme is designed for people who want to give a year of their life to be stretched with a view to exploring what God might want for them in the future.

In what ways is this more than a gap year?

More will be expected of you – you will be given responsibility, you will be stretched more. More will be invested in you – you will have focussed investment, mentoring, coaching, teaching and support.

What are the core components of the gap year programme?


To the workings of a church, ‘behind the scenes’, in key meetings and conversations.
To the leaders of a church, on the job but also as you travel locally, nationally and at times internationally.


In your primary area of interest and passion.
In other areas across the church and community.
In dealing with the challenges of leading church in a 21st century context.


Weekly input at staff meetings.
Weekly training and development delivered by experienced communicators and teachers.
Opportunities to study at Regents Theological College and be placed with us as part of a degree.


You will grow as a person.
You will grow in your character and your relationship with God.
You will grow in your understanding of church and Gods kingdom equipping you more for whatever God wants for you for the future.

How will it work practically?

The gap year can be either part time or full time.
We look for a minimum of 9-12 months.
We can adapt the programme to include placements with other organisations/churches in the UK and overseas.
We will provide a host home for accommodation and meals.
We will provide a personal mentor/coach for you during your gap year.
We will provide regular reviews and appraisals half way through and at the end.
(There may be an option of applying for a second gap year)

For more information please contact: julie.mills@lifecentralchurch.org.uk.