Habitudes teaching series

"Successful people do consistently what other people do occasionally..."

Series runs 2nd June - 7th July 2019

Habits and attitudes change lives! When we do the right things consistently, repeatedly and diligently they become life shaping habits. “Excellence is a repeated habit”.

A Habitude is a ‘habitual tendency or way of behaving’. We will be half way through the year and maybe some of the habits and attitudes we wanted to have at the start of the year have waned a little? It’s always the right time to start the right Habitudes! Habits we form in good times give us muscles to live out our values in the tough times.

In this series we will look at some Habitudes that are essential to growing in life and faith. The right Habitudes help us live the centred life, the God-centred life. Each week we will use a visual image, an icon, that people can identify to help the Habitudes stick!

What Habitudes will we cover?

Growth – Jesus grew in wisdom, stature and favour. How do we do that as a lifestyle, as a Habitude not just an occasional act? The importance of discipline, intention, also the importance of self awareness and reflection.
The goal = to inspire and equip people to take responsibility for their personal growth.

Courage – anything in life worth anything takes courage to bring into reality. What does it mean to develop a Habitude of courage that enables us to face our fears, go through difficult times that produce growth, to have those difficult conversations etc.? What do our perspectives on courage look like for men and for women?
The goal = to inspire and equip men and women to live courageous lives.

Gratitude – Research suggests people who live out gratitude are generally happier than those who don’t! People of gratitude reject the current cultural value of entitlement! How do we develop the Habitude of gratitude?!! How do we deal with disappointment and set back? What power does gratitude release in our lives? This is also Father’s Day when some may find this easier than others to be grateful!
The goal = to inspire and equip people to be more grateful.

Diet – We are what we eat!!! That isn’t only to do with physical food but also what we feed our minds and our souls. How do we develop a healthy diet so we live healthy lives? This should cover mindset, spiritual disciplines such as Bible Reading and prayer and also help those who are newer to faith to begin those kind of practices.
The goal = to inspire and equip people to set healthy practices and disciplines in their lives.

Connection – Acts 2 v.42 sees the church in action and connection was a daily habitude in that early church. How do we build this into our lives? How do we go deeper in our relationships? How do we find healing from relational wounds and scars? How do we deal with relational conflict? How do people who may not have faith grow in their relationships?
The goal = to inspire and equip people to go deeper in their relationships.

Stewardship – Jesus spoke more about money and possessions than anything else, why? Because he knew how shaping they are to the way we view the world and live our lives. What does it mean to live as generous people? How do we develop this in our lives and live as stewards not owners? What power can generosity bring to our world?
The goal = to inspire and equip people to go on the journey towards generosity.