Comms Request Process and Form

1.          Fill in form and inform Andy.

2.          Andy takes request to weekly Comms meeting on a Monday morning (if the week is quieter then we can look at it earlier) – this must happen a minimum of 10 working days from the next Monday.

3.          At the Comms meeting it is decided who will take responsibility from the comms team. We will also agree a sign off process together.

4.          That person from Comms will then contact the project leader to arrange a meeting/conversation and begin the process of completing the request.

5.          If the project is bigger than anticipated then it will be re-referred to Andy who can liaise with project leader – equally if the project leader is unhappy with how the request is being fulfilled they must contact Andy.


Things to note:

        Items for Sunday services and seasonal productions will always take priority, therefore it is less likely that requests will be fulfilled in the 6 weeks prior to Christmas and Easter.

        Projects may be assigned to a volunteer and therefore may require liaison outside of office hours.

This process will not initially increase the amount that you can request work from comms but will clarify the process so we can begin to increase capacity. 


Please complete this form in full and DM Andy on Slack. All requests must be submitted with a minimum of 10 working days’ notice before the deadline. 

E.g. 1st November 2021