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Alpha is a series of group conversations that guide individuals through exploring the Christian faith in an open, relaxed and friendly environment. Each Alpha Course runs weekly for 9 consecutive weeks.

Time and Location
The time, day and location varies for each Alpha Course. Please refer to our website for our next upcoming course details.
Each course requires 3 hours per session.

What we’re looking for
Individuals who have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ (preferably for two years or more).
Prior experience on an Alpha Course or small groups is desirable.
Availability, emotional capacity, and moral discernment to lead a group through the Alpha Course journey.
Facilitating group discussions and encouraging participation among group members.
Commitment to participating in pre-course training supplied by the church.
Awareness of the influence associated with leading an Alpha group.

Anything else:
Ongoing pastoral support will be provided by the course leadership.