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Accountable to the Operations Manager, we are seeking technically minded people to help support various online courses and ‘on-site’ hybrid courses. Online courses could be on zoom or on other platforms and ‘on-site support’ could be a combination of simple audio-visual presentations (e.g. PowerPoint with sound for video) as well as online platforms such as zoom (a Hybrid approach). Therefore, understanding or being able to work out simple sound devices and tv’s for presentations would be desirable for ‘in the room’ support.

For this role you should have a good general technical understanding and be able to fault find / think on your feet quickly to keep events running smoothly.

Specific Tasks
Familiarising yourself with the features of Zoom and security permissions.
Familiarise yourself with simple AV systems for ‘on-site’ courses desirable.
Admin for onsite and remote zoom meetings utilising the likes of Zoom or Teams that run for a number of consecutive weeks.
‘On-site’ support for hybrid meetings utilising Zoom / Teams and setting up and operating simple presentations systems (tv and sound device) desirable.

Person specification
Someone who understands the power that media and technical processes play in drawing people to Jesus.
Unflustered manner when things don’t go to plan.
Someone who can keep information heard in confidence.
Ability to work out new platforms and be able to test ahead of time.
Be able to commit for multiple weeks to courses (with breaks in between courses)

Key skills, attributes and/or experience
Having experience in a technical role setting or a leaning towards / understanding of technical processes.
Ability to run zoom and other online platforms (with experimentation and training given as necessary).
Ability to work things out from a technical perspective.
Ability to be proactive in getting things ready ahead of time.
Good attention to detail and highly focused.
Fault-finding mindset.

Time commitment
Most online or hybrid courses will run for several weeks with a good break in between.
There will NOT be a need for this role commitment to be every week during the year.