Building Bigger People Conference

As our world becomes increasingly uncertain regarding the future and as our culture seems to be shifting at alarming rates, the challenge for the church to be a voice of hope has never been greater. It can seem to us that the giants in the land are big and that we are like grasshoppers in comparison!!

Into this context God calls us to be ‘Building Bigger People’ to invest in each other to prepare us to take our place in God’s Kingdom. This conference will help inspire and equip us to become bigger people in the 3 Key areas of our lives: the home, the workplace and the Church.

The conference will be a mixture of main sessions, workshops and seminars covering issues such as:

How do we share our faith with cultural integrity in an effective way?
How do we invest in the emerging generations so they take their place in God’s kingdom?
How do we continue to grow in our faith through the various seasons of life?


9:00am – Arrival and registration
9:30am – Session 1 – Paul Reid
10:45am – Coffee Break
11:15am – Session 2 – Priscilla Reid
12:30pm – Lunch
1:30pm – Seminars Session 1
2:30pm – Coffee
3:00pm – Seminars Session 2
4:00pm – Session 3 – Paul/Priscilla Reid
5:00pm – Break

7:00pm – Celebration – Glyn Barrett


Day 9am – 5pm including lunch : £12
Day Concession 9am – 5pm including lunch (11-18 year olds and students) : £8

Child Provision 9am – 5pm – (0-10 years) including lunch : £5

Evening Celebration 7pm : Free (an offering will be taken)
Note: To come to the Evening Celebration you will need an Evening Celebration ticket even if you have a Daytime ticket.


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