Connect Groups


Connect Groups (Halesowen)

Connect groups offer people ways of meeting with others in the church and with friends outside around a common interest. These groups are flexible over the times that they meet, the regularity and the duration of the group. People will usually attend both their regular Lifegroup and these flexible connect groups.

God At Work (Group Code CG101)

Leader : Matt Gregory
Meets : Monthly Thursday 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Venue : Room 1, Owen House, Lifecentral Church Halesowen

This group has the specific aim of equipping and encouraging people who work in business to see the kingdom of God grow in their domain of influence.

Men’s Discipleship Group (Group Code CG102)

Leader : Pete Spafford
Meets : Thursday 6:30pm – 8pm
Venue : Halesowen homes

As men of God, we can hear God speaking to us, experience a deeper sense of His presence and move purposefully in the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Adopter’s Group (Group Code CG103)

Leader : Nic Marshall
Meets : Alternate Fridays 10am – 12pm
Venue : Halesowen home

Adopters staying connected to God and each other.

“Running Nutters” (Group Code CG104)

Meets : Early Sunday mornings (before 9am)
Where? : Clent Hills – various routes

We meet early in the morning, for banter, fellowship and prayer on the run!