Monday – Prayer Changes Things

Mark 11:15-17 (Key verse: 17)

Two things were essential for worshippers when they arrived at the temple: temple coins which the temple authorities and local vendors would accept and an animal to sacrifice. Not only were worshippers charged exorbitant rates and taken advantage of, but the temple trade blocked the way of those trying to enter the temple to worship and pray. Jesus’ response to this was to overturn the tables and remind people of the temple’s primary purpose – a place of prayer. When it comes to prayer, we also have obstacles in our way that first need to be overcome – busyness, distraction, responsibility, tiredness, technology. Like the worshippers who went to the temple, perhaps we need to cultivate a place at home that becomes our go-to space and place to pray. Time spent in prayer is two way – speaking to God and listening to Him. We are encouraged to pour out our hearts to God (Psalm 62:8) and taught that:

‘The prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective.’

(James 5:16)

What a challenge! Who or what will you pray for now? The bible makes it very clear – our prayers change things!