Thursday – Serving Others Changes Things

John 13: 1-17 (key verse: 15)

Foot washing was essential in Jesus’s time. Roads were dusty, footwear was scanty and when you arrived at someone’s home, it was a mark of honour for a host to provide a servant to wash your feet. It was Jesus who performed this humble act of service for the disciples; it was the King of Kings who knelt before His friends. It was the Creator who served the created. God’s Son demonstrated how we were to serve one another.

Throughout the day we have many opportunities to serve others. A well-timed act of kindness can be a great encouragement, opening up opportunities to talk about Jesus or prompting the receiver to give thanks and praise to God.  As we try to serve and bless, so others will try and serve and bless us and it takes a humble heart to be on the receiving end of generosity. 

‘So now put into practice what I have done for you, and you will experience a life of happiness enriched with untold blessings!’

(17 TPT)

Where do you regularly serve others at home, work or church? Pray for these areas and for opportunities to serve that will change things for others and for us!