Wednesday – Waiting Changes Things

John 12: 20-36 (key verse 36b)

Scholars speculate that after several exhausting days Jesus and the disciples rested in preparation for the Passover feast, possibly at the home of Mary and Martha. In today’s instant society, waiting is often counter-cultural, and we all suffer from ‘hurry sickness’.

In the waiting, God is at work in the unseen scenes, working on our character, changing our situations, altering our perspective, building our trust, making us ready for what is to come. God’s waiting time is never wasted time. It is nearly always preparation time when He moulds, shapes and prepares us for what lies ahead. God’s timing is always perfect.

‘‘Be still in the presence of the LORD and wait patiently for him to act.’

(Psalm 37:7)

In what situations or circumstances are you waiting patiently for God to act on your behalf? Take a moment to wait in His presence and listen to what He might be saying. God is working while we wait.