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We are inviting you to give financially to Above & Beyond. This is not giving in to our general funds but enables us to be generous and responsive in the following ways:

To respond to needs nobody saw coming

When war strikes, Crisis hits or needs arise, we want to be able to act swiftly with generosity to help and support.

To respond to new missional opportunities

We want to create financial space for God to speak and lead. Above & Beyond will allow us to respond to moments when we hear God asking us to launch something new or reach a new mission field.

To enable us to reach out and bless others

God spoke to us early on in our journey about our ‘fruit overhanging the walls’. The chance to be generous with others is so exciting to us.

Give in 2 Simple Steps:

S T E P 1

Before you give today and to help us track giving to Above & Beyond, please take a moment to let us know the following details. (Please click Submit when completed then move on to Step 2).

S T E P 2

Please choose your payment method below and follow the instructions on-screen to complete your gift. Thank you for giving to Above & Beyond!

If you have any further enquiries, please email: