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Supporting people new to faith in rooting themselves in God and with others. Groups can have up to 7 people including two leaders. Groups run for 6 months, meeting monthly and conclude in inviting participants to join a connect group or the Dream Team.


Time and Location
Rooted Groups have the freedom to meet on any day at any time. This is determined by the groups leaders in collaboration with their groups. Groups are asked to meet monthly in a leaders home, cafe or similar space. The time commitment for this role is between 1-2 hours per meeting.

What we’re looking for
Individuals with a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ (preferably for two years or more).
Availability, empathy, and capacity to guide new believers in their spiritual journey.
Facilitating discussions, nurturing connections, and promoting spiritual growth among participants.
Commitment to personal spiritual growth and participation in church-provided training.
Experience in mentoring new believers is desirable.

Anything else:
Support and training for Rooted Group leaders will consist of two Zoom calls over the six-month period.