We’d love to see you join us at one of our Sunday gatherings (Online or in person!)…

Sundays in Person...

Church isn’t what you think it is… We try to make it accessible to everyone, whether you’ve never stepped into a Church before or you’ve been in Churches for your entire life. This is a place to find community and journey through life together.

Usually, we meet in three different locations but due to the pandemic we are currently only meeting in our Halesowen location. 

We run one service at 10AM and currently you need to book a ticket (it’s free, we just need to manage numbers).


Sundays online

Church isn’t what you think it is… especially now it is online! There couldn’t be a better way to try out Church. We try to make our services accessible and applicable to as many people as possible, whether you’ve been in Churches your entire life, or if you’ve never stepped foot in one, its our aim whether it be online or in person to make it into a great experience. 


We run one service at 10AM but we have a pre-service hangout that goes live at 9:45. We’d love to see you in the live chat some time soon!