Gifted to Serve course

From time to time we run the the Gifted to Serve course.

We believe that serving is an important part of our walk with God and we serve Him by serving others in church and those around us.

We also believe that people serve best when they find a role within the church that matches the unique gifts, calling and capacity that they have as an individual. This course will help you identify your gifts and find a place to serve. We hope you enjoy the journey!

There are many opportunities in the life of Lifecentral to serve as the work of the church is very varied, whatever your age, your talents and your time!

Gifted To Serve is a two-week course designed to help you find the best serving role within the church for you. Within the course, we will help you to consider the unique combination of your spiritual gifts, natural abilities, area of interest and the time you have available.

If you are interested in The Gifted to Serve Course then please email or contact her through the church office.

Any courses that we currently have scheduled will be listed below, if there are none listed please contact Jo for when the next one will be –

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