Got questions about faith?

There’s lots of ways you can explore and ask more questions about the Christian faith at Lifecentral. Curious and Alpha are 2 of our main tools to do that.

Curious? Playlist

The curious playlist is an exploration of some life’s questions, you may not be even thinking about God or faith, but you have got questions about life. This is a great place to start.Watch our 4 short videos on YouTube to begin to ask some of those questions


We have more questions about life right now than ever before… why not try Alpha? A place to ask questions about faith & life


Alpha is a series of videos and interactive sessions exploring the questions we might have about faith & life… At the moment, Alpha is run completely online. Usually, the format involves watching a short video followed by conversation surrounding the topic covered. 


Alpha Online starts Wednesday 21st April 2021 and runs until July 30th. Each session is from 7:30pm – 9pm. To register for our next Alpha Course, sign up at the foot of this page and we will be in touch with more details.

Firstly, there's...

Chance to connect

The session kicks off with a chance to connect with new people who have the same sort of questions that you do!


Watch the session's video...

You will then watch a video covering topics around faith and life… most of the videos orientate themselves around many of the big questions we have about Christianity such as… ‘Who is Jesus?’ and ‘How can we have a faith?’.


Space to chat and share your thoughts.

This is probably the most important part of the session! This is your chance to openly share your thoughts without judgment. This is an opportunity to find clarity and also gain perspective as other people wrestle with the same questions that you have yourself.