60 seconds of wisdom to kick off your day!

Brigette Whitley
Don’t compare your worth with their posts

Leon Evans
We make our decisions and our decisions make us

Adam Whitley
God doesn’t run away from runaways

Allison Evans
Don’t let someone in the sidelines tell you how to play the game

Andy Hancock
If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything

Tanasha Chege
Real friends have real influence

Sam Hughes
Your friends dertermine the quality and direction of your future

Stuart Blount
You don’t have to know everything to share something

Laura Hancock
Ash Wednesday

Harvey Hather
Live today to thrive tomorrow

Karina Olsson
Be prepared for change

Tom Gregory
If you don’t take the Sabbath, the Sabbath will take you

Brigette Whitley
It’s not whether you have emotions, it’s whether your emotions have you

Jayne Sargeant
What you have confidence in, you will act upon

Jo Gregory
You might not be able to change the world for everyone but you can for someone

Rita Hipkiss
If you can see as God sees you’ll do as God says

Ruth Bradshaw
The wise put their faith into action

Luke Strickland
The seed you sow produces the harvest you crop

Hannah Hughes
Choose the right ‘hard’ over the easy wrong

Dan Murphy
Worship is more about the ‘who’ than the ‘how’

Amy Jones
The more you hold a grudge, the more it holds on to you